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Truly Disturbing News: Half Of Six-Year-Old Girls Think They’re Overweight



Is your little girl overly concerned with her weight? A new study says she might be.

According to the British Journal of Psychology, half of three to six-year-old girls worry about being too fat. By the age of seven, 70 percent of girls want to be thinner. By nine, half of them have been on a diet. For girls aged between 11 and 17, it’s their number one wish in life to look good — whatever “good” means.

Instead of embracing their bodies and accepting them, young girls feel the need to look a certain way — and will do anything to accomplish that goal. Thin is good, fat is bad — in their eyes, it’s as simple as that.

And according to the Daily Mail, girls learn their first lessons about body image from their mothers. As young girls see and hear adult women obsessing over their bodies, dieting and skipping meals, they think that that’s the way it’s supposed to be and try to avoid “being fat” too. We should not preach about “perfection,” but self-care.

Here’s what parents can do to take control of this obsession:

Encourage a healthy body image

Don’t make food an ongoing topic and never mention the word “diet.” Compliment your daughter’s body and make sure she has someone to talk to about the pressures she may be dealing with.

Stop them from becoming shopping addicts

Consumerism makes girls focus on superficial things rather than what really matters. Be a good role model and show them that brands, ads and trends don’t necessarily matter.

Un-spoil your child

As parents, we need to set limits and make sure we don’t overindulge our children. They need to realize that money is earned and doesn’t come easily.

What do you think of these tips, HollyMoms and Dads? Have you’re daughter been dealing with the pressures of body image?

–Leigh Blickley

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