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Fifa in crisis: the accused, the bribery charges and how the governing body will investigate them

Fifa in crisis: the accused, the bribery charges and how the governing body will investigate them

The accused, the charges and how the governing body will investigate them.

Fifa in crisis: the main players in the alleged presidential bribery scandal -Fifa <a href=executive committee member Chuck Blazer"/>

Blazing row: Fifa executive committee member Chuck Blazer compiled a report alleging bribes were given to secure votes for the upcoming presidential election Photo: GETTY IMAGES

11:59PM BST 28 May 2011


Mohamed bin Hammam

The Qatari, who is standing against Blatter for the Fifa presidency, is alleged to have set up the Trinidad meeting “expressly” to allow him to offer bribes. He is accused of breaching articles 10 and 11 of Fifa&rsquo;s code of ethics, prohibiting the payment of cash as gifts and the payment of bribes.

He denies the charge.

Jack Warner

The Fifa vice-president, president of Concacaf and the Caribbean Football Union is accused of organising the Trinidad meeting on Bin Hammam’s behalf and facilitating the payment of bribes. Also accused of breaching Fifa regulations concerning bribery and the payment of gifts.

He denies the charges.

Sepp Blatter

The Fifa president is accused by Bin Hammam of having turned a blind eye to the alleged improper payments. Warner is said to have told Caribbean football officials, and Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer, that he had told Blatter about the payments and that the president had not objected.

He denies the charge.

The hearing

The Fifa ethics committee hearing at Fifa House Zurich on Sunday will be chaired by its deputy chairman, Namibia’s Petrus Damaseb, who is president of his country’s High Court.

Damaseb will hear submissions from Chuck Blazer, who ordered a Concacaf investigation into the bribery allegations, and the accused, and is likely to open a full investigation led by an independent figure.

One or all of the defendants could be provisionally suspended pending that investigation, which would raise further questions over Wednesday’s election.

According to Fifa statutes the election can be postponed only if 75 per cent of congress agrees.

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